Wedding proposals:

Propose your beloved one is an exceptional and unique moment. Let’s make it unforgettable. Organize a magnificent cruise with one of our yachts and sail away with your love to unique destinations. Propose your beloved on a luxury yacht, and make this experience exceptional. A unique way for a unique occasion. Organize your wedding proposal cruise and make a surprise like no other!

Wedding parties:

Looking to celebrate your wedding and create an amazing party for you and your guests. Make it like no other on one of our yachts. Organize the wedding party of your life, make it how you always dream it, and surprise your guests with this exceptional luxury experience. Cruising to crystal waters, perfect food and drinks, music loud, and the party is on! Book one of our yachts and let’s create the most exceptional wedding party.

Bachelor party

 Looking to have a wonderful bachelor party before your wedding with your best friends? You want it to be perfect. Let’s make it on board one of our yachts and it will be perfect. A unique, and luxurious bachelor party on board a yacht is always as incredible as it sounds. Have fun with your friends, party, and enjoy the magic and peace of the crystal waters. Organize your bachelor party with our yachts and take the chance to live this experience like no other!


A fascinating wonderful cruise for a couple, friends, or the whole family. Anchor up and sail away to catch the magic of the red sky while cruising on a luxurious yacht with chill-out music, and champagne, enjoying the peace and calm of the moment. Book your sunset cruise with one of our yachts and live this wonderful summer experience. Catch the sunset without limits! 


Mount Athos is situated on the third peninsula of Halkidiki. It is the most important center for Orthodox monasticism. Mount Athos is an autonomous center in the Hellenic Republic and is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Something impressive to visit and see despite the religion. To enter it a special visa from the Mount Athos office is obligatory and women are not allowed to enter it. For most guests cruising along the peninsula is the most famous way to see this impressive place. Take the chance to have a cruise with one of our yachts to Mount Athos and see the monasteries and glory of this place. If you want to pray, monks can board the yacht, upon request. You can see Mount Athos, speak with the monks and pray without entering it but from a very close distance at sea. A lifetime cruise to a place like no other worldwide!



If you love fishing and want to do it with a style you can. Have a cruise with one of our yachts, enjoy crystal waters, and beautiful places, and go fishing! Have a nice lunch on board with your catches of the day. We will provide you with all the professional equipment you need, for different fishing methods such as Slow jigging, Live bait, Tenya, and Big game. etc. Anchor up and sail away for cruising and fishing on a yacht!


A unique service our company is offering at Diaporos island in Halkidiki.

Diaporos or Blue Lagoon is famous for its tropical waters.
A place that if you come to the second peninsula of Halkidiki must visit.
We provide delivery food service by boat at Diaporos so you can enjoy a nice lunch with fish, salads, drinks,
and everything you want to eat and drink.

We collaborate with the best tavernas in Vourvourou and we deliver your food quickly and fresh!


 You are looking to organize a special event on board. A party with your friends or a gala with your colleagues. Whatever your idea is, wherever in Greece you want to make it, one of our yachts is definitely perfect to choose to make your idea happen. We can organize any special event you may want in the most luxurious and fancy way. Contact us and let’s create together your special event!