Sporades island complex is situated in the North East of the Aegean sea. They consist of 24 islands, where only four of them are permanently inhabited. These four islands are named Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, and Skyros, each one of them with its own beauty, character, and history! The islands are close to each other, giving you the chance to explore them all with a yacht.

Skiathos: From the beautiful beaches to the bars and restaurants, this island has it all. The town is the center of the island where you can have your dinner and your drinks and have a walk. The most popular beaches are Koukounaries and the impressive Lalaria which is only accessible by boat. Worth seeing is the castle of the island from the 14th century which protected the island from pirates.

Skopelos: An island with a lot of green and crystal waters. An ideal destination for families and couples for relaxing and romantic holidays. In the town of the island, you can find many traditional tavernas to taste the local cuisine. The island is also famous for the movie Mama Mia, filmed on Kastani beach.

Alonnisos: An authentic island with wonderful beaches. Have your walk at Chora and see the fantastic sunset and incredible view of the Aegean. The national marine park of Alonnisos is a place that you must visit, is one of the biggest in Europe, and is where you can see the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus Monachus) a very rare specie.

Skyros: A place with tradition and character. Enjoy your walk at Chora, taste the local cuisine, visit the museum, and have your drink. Skyros has many beautiful beaches with crystal waters to enjoy and sea caves.

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