Famous for its crystal waters, it is among the top destinations for holidays in northern Greece. Halkidiki has much to offer, and even more to discover by boat. Explore the magnificent Blue Flag beaches by yacht!
Halkidiki is situated in northern Greece, close to Thessaloniki city makes it easy to access, offering a unique physical beauty like no other. It consists of three peninsulas. The first and the second ones are accessible to everybody and the third one is the worldwide famous Mount Athos.
Enjoy the nightlife of the first peninsula and drop anchor to famous wonderful beaches with plenty of beach bars.
The second peninsula is the most famous one for its physical scenery and beautiful beaches. Diaporos or Blue Lagoon is the most popular destination for visitors to explore by yacht.  But there is more to see. Continue your cruise along the coastline of the peninsula and explore it all. It is the one where you will find the most famous beaches in Halkidiki. Take the chance to visit the island of Ammouliani, situated between the second and third peninsulas.
And don’t miss a cruise to Mount Athos, where the monasteries are. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, and is definitely a place worth seeing!

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